Saturday, January 2, 2010

T-Shirt Throw Giveaway

In my last post I gave a tutorial on how to make a T-Shirt Throw and I was thinking to myself,
"Self, wouldn't it be fun to do a T-Shirt Throw of t-shirts from different people?"
"Sure that would be neat," I replied.
However, myself wouldn't stop there....
"Self. How about we give the T-Shirt Away after you make it!"
"Wonderful idea! Myself, " I answered.
Of course Myself had thought it all out,
"Self, to enter the giveaway you need to send in a t-shirt that represents you or something dear to you.  It will be your entry and become part of this T-Shirt Throw.  Self, you currently have 21 followers and if each one would send in a t-shirt that would be enough to make a T-Shirt Throw."
"That would be so cool, Myself.  I would love to see this happen.  How fun!"
So there you have it, Self, Myself and I have decided to have a giveaway and we need YOU to participate!
To enter: send me with an email to: with "T-Shirt" in the subject line and I will email you my mailing address where you can send in your t-shirt.  The faster the t-shirts come in the faster the T-Shirt Throw can be made and the faster we will know who the winner will be!
As mentioned before- your t-shirt becomes your entry to this T-Shirt Throw Giveaway.
Please no rude images or languages on t-shirts.  Does not have to be a new t-shirt.
I hold the right to refuse certain t-shirts if it is unusable for any other reason not mentioned here.
What T-Shirt will You Send?

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cindi said...

Oh goody! I like Self, Nyself, and I's idea. I'm not emailing you though, cuz I already have your address and I know where you live. I'm gonna "throw" a Humboldt State t-shirt into the contest!