Thursday, March 25, 2010

Budding Pin Cushions

Here is another little project that I have been working on  
- a pincushion and a matching wrist pin cushion.
"Sweet Cupcake"
"Blue Bachelor Button"
"Miss Daisy"

The Collection

These darling little necessities of sewing are made recycling the tops of laundry detergent bottles to make the pin cushion.  For the wrist pin cushion, caps from juice bottles were used.  I used some small scraps of vintage material for "Sweet Cupcake" and the others were from my scrap collection.  Adorned with lace, ribbon, covered buttons and rick-rack.  
General Directions ~
Cut out a circle about an inch larger than your lid. I used my pinking shears.
Stuff your lid really well with polyfil.
With a hot glue - Glue a tiny section at a time - using a compass method - glue a spot at "North" - then at "South", "East" and "West" to the outside of the lid.  Then go back around and glue the other "points" down. Make sure the fabric is taut over the polyfil.
For the wrist pincushion- measure about 7 1/2" in 1" elastic. 
Cut a length of fabric about 14" long and 2" wide - fold in half right sides together, lengthwise - stitch the long side - turn. Insert elastic through. Overlap the ends about 1/2" and stitch together with a zig-zag stitch.  Use hot glue to attach it to the bottom of the small juice lid.
Now both pin cushions are ready to adorn with with lace, ribbon, charms, rick-rack, buttons, beads, fringe, etc.  
Have Fun!
The pin cushions posted here are for sale ~ 
email me at to purchase.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Semper fidelis

Semper fidelis is Latin for "Always Faithful" and it is the motto for the U.S. Marine Corps.  I had happened upon some Marine dress shirts, not knowing any thing personal about them, I decided to make an apron from them.  An apron in the wonderful magazine "Altered Couture"  (Feb, Mar, Apr 2010 edition page 17) a designer used men's dress shirts for an apron.  Actually the sleeves. This inspired me to make two aprons based off that idea. I took both long sleeves off of 2 shirts and a set of short sleeves off of one shirt.  The short sleeves became the pockets.  I had two neckties that I cut in half and used them for the apron ties.  A little yellow ribbon sewed on to show support for the troops.   Both aprons are for purchase - email me at if interested.

 You gotta love a Marine in uniform!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fashion Apron Making and Memories

Hello everyone! The fashion show is over and it was a success - more of that event coming soon.  Today, I just wanted to sew.  I have been wanting to make aprons from on-their-way-out skirts or dresses.  Working at Ruth's Room, I see lots of material in the ready-made garments that are out-of-date or may have a stain, or something else that would keep it from not being worn as a garment- so instead of tossing it in the trash we volunteers like to get creative and repurpose it. For example - This little girl's dress has a ink stain on the front by the flower - love the colors of the pattern and love the embellishment - lets turn it into an apron....
 A Basic Girl's Jumper Dress - this one was a size 8.
Dismantle the dress-  I cut around the zipper to remove it - and save it for future use - continuing cutting all the way down the back of dress. I cut the bodice from the skirt. Using something round for a guide, I rounded the corners of the back of dress, now the apron sides. 
Pocket -  I  placed the bodice as flat as possible and cut a eye-ball straight line from the edge of arm hole down to raw edge of bodice. I folded over a seam allowance straightening up the pocket as it was ironed. Using the neckline of bodice to become the opening of pocket - I sewed on red rick-rack, tucking the ends under the edge. Then place the pocket on the apron where you want it. I put this one slightly over the ribbon flower to cover up the stain. Pin down. I sewed the rick-rack and the pocket down together, tucking the rick-rack ends over the edge and miter the corners.  
Embellishments - At the corner of pocket I sewed on three fabric flowers made with some of the back bodice material with button centers on top of a small pink crocheted doily.
Hem- I folded over twice for a hem at the back and the rounded edge of apron hem.  I sewed on more red rick-rack on lower apron edge.
Waist band and Ties -  I used the rest of the back bodice sides to make the waist band. These two pieces were about three inches wide and about ten inches long. With a 1/4" seam I joined the two together and ironed in half length-wise. Then I attached the waist band to apron, matching centers and finishing the seam with a zig-zag stitch.  I ran out of material from the dress for the ties, so I purchased some red broadcloth.  I cut two 3" wide strips the whole length of the material. Fold in half and stitched. Turn right side out. Sewed it to the edge of waist band. I slowly top-stitched the lower and upper part of the waistband. Tie it on and Enjoy!
My darling daughter as my model.
With cute aprons like this one, we need to bring them back in style! Aprons are so amazing and hold a lot of memories for many. I remember Grandma cutting kindling for her wood cook stove to make pancakes for breakfast with Huckleberries in the batter - yum - wearing an apron.  What is your favorite memory....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Lurker On My Own Blog

This picture is part of the decorations for our church's Valentine Dinner - decorated by yours truly and her P.A. - Cindi.
A Lurker On My Own Blog
Whew! I have been just going and going..... that I haven't had the time to put out a post - And I miss it. 
Currently I am working on a fashion show with my partner-in-crime, Cindi, for Ruth's Room where I am the director of. This fashion show is being called "Get Your Glam On!"   It's emphasis being on wearing clothes in a new way by getting your clothes from thrift stores, vintage shops, or consignment shops and wearing them with a modern twist.  This can be accomplished by many ways - altering, dyeing it another color, layering, wear it as another type of clothing - like a button up or zip up dress could become a lightweight jacket and these are just a few suggestions.  (Ruth's Room is a ministry that gives away clothes to anyone who needs them.)  At Ruth's Room's blog you can see some of the preperation we have been going through to get this show going.
This idea for a fashion show came up over a year ago and then it was like, "Let's just do this!"
I knew it was going to be hard work, but boy has it ever.  It has some real fun moments and I get really excited and then the butterflies kick in.  We have just a little over a week to go, with more fittings and rehearsals to do, then get the stage all set for the show.   We have six teenaged girls who are the models - Mollie, Makala, Callie, Evelyn, Genesis and Lexi - and each one has about six outfit changes.  It is a lot of work for them as well and they all have been such good sports!
So for now until March 6th has come and gone, when I get the chance I will stop by and read what is going on with you. 
Uh oh, I feel the butterflies coming....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 101

 My BFF Cindi has done it again!  She has given me my first blog award.  I must say Cindi does a lot of blog visiting and she seems to have just a bit more time to blog than me - maybe because her kids are not home?!?!? - well any ways -
In order to accept this award I have to tell you 10 things that make me happy....
in no particular order ...
1. my kids and hubby when they laugh
2. seeing my boys sleeping
3. someone accepting Jesus as their personal Savior
4. riding a horse
5. reading a good book
6. my wedding day
7. sleeping in
8. German chocolate cake with coconut-pecan frosting - YUM!
9. finishing a project
10. puppies & kittens

 Now to past this award on to some other blogs I enjoy visiting....
1.  Jack and Mandy
2.  Made by Petchy
3.  Mel Stampz
4.  Beth Quinn Designs
5.  Alaska Crafter

Happy 101 -

Friday, February 5, 2010

Choose to Shine

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to a Women's Advance Conference in Willits, California with four other ladies from our church - Cindi, Michelle, Melodee and Sandy.  It started on Friday with some great comedic singing from the Beaudettes.  I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  They had one about pantyhose that I don't think I will ever forget!
The speaker was Peggy Roloff and her husband, Ron, the parents of Matt Roloff of tv's "Little People, Big World".  She was great to listen to. I felt like we were good friends just swapping stories.  God is really using her and her husband in many ways and I am glad to have seen them.
I was able to set up a small display with information on our Ruth's Room Ministry.  It was good experience to share what we do to help our community.  Wouldn't it be neat to have another Ruth's Room started some where else?....
On that Friday night back in our hotel room, we had our own hair make over and Cindi was it.  Michelle brought out the ever faithful flat iron and started in on Cindi's wild hair.
And then the flattening of the hair began....

Michelle, The Miracle Worker.
It was good time.  
After the event there was this sign- 

Yes, God does keep His Promises.

Always and Forever....
See more on this event at Tally's Place. 
NOTE: While we were "south" we went to Walmart.  Why? Here in Humboldt County there isn't a Walmart and it is kind of a thing- to visit one when you are out of county.  We had heard that Walmart - at least the Ukiah store - did not have the plastic shopping bags for customers.  Instead, Walmart is offering a "resourceful, reusable shopping bag" for a very small fee. While waiting to check out, I was ready to use my little shopping tote I had clipped to my purse to put my purchases in.  In front of me I meet two really nice ladies - a mother and her daughter - and they complained about having to "buy" bags - even though they are "reusable", the bags are always seemed to be left behind - in the house, in the car. I want to let these ladies I haven't forgot about you!  I am in the process of developing a new shopping bag.  I hope to share it soon. 

Do You Like the New Look? A Blog Make Over

My little 'ol blog has a new look and I owe it to my BFF Cindi.  She entered a giveaway on Jack and Mandy - The Blog
the catch was you could not enter yourself, one had to choose someone else.  This is what Cindi had to say -
I want to nominate my good friend and business partner, Starla. I always use two words to describe her; beauty and grace. She has such a full plate, but she shines with GOD's love and beauty and grace are the qualities that I feel God has blessed her with. She is married to a hard-working godly man. Starla and Garry have 4 children that they have adopted. The 3 oldest have varying degress of special needs. All 4 of the children live at home. They are Rosie - 19 and her new husband Chris, Evelyn - 16, Daniel - 9, and Garret - 3. Starla's mom also lives with them. Starla and Garry's household is very busy and at times chaotic. But they always have room at their dinner table for one more. Starla also is the director of Ruth's Room, a free clothing program sponsored by our church. She does so much for everyone else and I want her to know she is special to me and that she deserves some pampering.

Tears well up in my eyes every time I read this - Thank you Cindi for choosing me....
Thank you Mandy for all your work.  Its lovely and I love it!
Humbly Yours,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Just Because"

This what was on my office chair when we got back home after running some late errands.
I was happily surprised.

Pretty purple flowers are chrysanthemum - I think -  and iris...

LOVE Gerberia Daisies....

A deep pink Tiger lily and roses along with heather and huckleberry...

So Pretty!!! 
Thank you Honey for the perfect surprise for such a wonderful day!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Hot Diggity

It is always a challenge to fix a dinner that everyone will enjoy, especially the kids.  I received the current issue of Family Fun Magazine (February 2010) and noticed a way to fix hot dogs that was different than I have seen before.  This may sound like Forrest Gump and the shrimp conversation - but I know that you can fix a hot dog in many ways...
...with the usual condiments - mayo, mustard, ketchup and relish - in different combinations
... with saurkraut with or without above mentioned condiments
... cooked over a open fire on a stick
...without a bun and cut up in wheels pork 'n beans mac 'n cheese
...tator dog - a hot dog sliced lenght-wise with a scoop of mashed potatoes, sprinkle with shredded cheese and baked - YUM!  An old cafeteria favorite!
...corn dog octopus dog - take the bottom half and cut in strips, cook, add mustard for eyes and mouth
My husband and I cut up the hot dogs in thirds. Then with DRY SPAGHETTI, we skewered several spaghetti through the hot dog pieces length-wise. Carefully cook them in boiling water until pasta is tender.  I asked my husband what we should serve with these dogs.  We came up with spaghetti sauce and shredded cheese and the usual ketchup.
My boys LOVED them! The older one, Daniel -9 yo- had it with the sauce and cheese the younger had them plain.  However, with the younger one, Garrett- 3yo- there were stories and playacting with eating of these Squid Dogs.  As for me - well - I didn't really care for them - honestly.  But I am ok with that. And I am ok with NOT eating mac 'n cheese and canned raviolis- less calories...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Time Management

As I have been cruising around to other blogs I noticed a lot of people are very busy with New Year's Resolutions, making lists, cleaning and getting organized.
It sure makes me tired just to think about all that.  My sister even commented today that I need to clean my craft room.  I looked around and replied,
"No. I just need to get busy with the projects I have at hand."
Now that I have my desktop pc taking up resident on part of my work table, I tend to really multi-task.  I don't want to take any more time trying to get picture perfect organized.  I took that time last year and got the major stuff organized and I know where most of the important stuff is.  However, IF it is in a Special Place it will be revealed to me when I am looking for something else.
Any whoo......
I guess I am rebelling....
.....being lazy???......
No. I am calling it Time Management!
After I do what I call my "Mommy " jobs and other Priorities - the time I have in this tiny room is precious and I want to be able to work on my projects that I have bouncing around in my head. To others it may seem "messy", but I see Unfinished Projects.
Just think about it.....
If I had an half hour before picking up kids from school, I could.....
....finish some hand stitching...
....stuff a pillow...
...cut out a pattern...
....or whatever needs to be finished or worked on....
The more projects that I finish and get out of my way, I believe that my craft room will become a little more cleaner and a little bit more organized.
as I am working on this or that, I can put like stuff together - like all my corduroy in one tote and denim in another and label them-
Mom's advice could work - "Put everything back in its place after you use it."
"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"  So what if it looks like a craft store bomb went off in your craft room as long as you have a safe exit route and room for a friend to join you in your crafting projects - YOU ARE OK!

Monday, January 4, 2010

For Sale -

Great Yoga/Workout Pants
Flexible, Comfy, Wash-n-Wear
Vintage Rusty with white Asian-inspired designs

100% Poly ......Size 15/16 (model is a size 8)
Measurements taken laying flat
waist:16 1/2"  crotch seam:13"  inseam: 30"  waist to leg hem: 41"
Straight Leg Boot Cut
Elastic Waist Band in Casing

 For Purchase: Vintage Rusty $19.95 Shipping Included! 
"I'm Just A Walking..."
Another Great Pair of Workout/Yoga Pants
Stretchy ~ Comfy ~ Wash-n-Wear

Vintage Red & White Stripes
100% poly
Measurements (Laying Flat) -
waist: 14"   crotch seam:13 1/2"  inseam: 31 1/2"
waist to hem: 43 1/2"
Small Elastic Waist Band
Straight Leg Boot Cut
No Size Tag - Model is a size 8

 *note* on front left leg in the thigh area there is a black mark about an 1"
For Purchase: Red & White Stripes $19.95 Shipping Included

Here is how to make a purchase....
I accept PayPal or a USPS Money Order
email me at with item(s) name and amount and payment method
You will need to pay with PayPal within 2 days after receiving confirmation email from me
With USPS Money Order I will give up to a week to be received at my address.
once payment has been cleared or received I will ship items
USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation
Once I receive a request for purchase I will put up "Sale Pending" by item(s) selected
*These Sales are for vintage clothing and are not being sold as NEW unless stated in item descriptions -
each garment will have some wear and other findings will be noted*
Please email with any other questions at

Saturday, January 2, 2010

T-Shirt Throw Giveaway

In my last post I gave a tutorial on how to make a T-Shirt Throw and I was thinking to myself,
"Self, wouldn't it be fun to do a T-Shirt Throw of t-shirts from different people?"
"Sure that would be neat," I replied.
However, myself wouldn't stop there....
"Self. How about we give the T-Shirt Away after you make it!"
"Wonderful idea! Myself, " I answered.
Of course Myself had thought it all out,
"Self, to enter the giveaway you need to send in a t-shirt that represents you or something dear to you.  It will be your entry and become part of this T-Shirt Throw.  Self, you currently have 21 followers and if each one would send in a t-shirt that would be enough to make a T-Shirt Throw."
"That would be so cool, Myself.  I would love to see this happen.  How fun!"
So there you have it, Self, Myself and I have decided to have a giveaway and we need YOU to participate!
To enter: send me with an email to: with "T-Shirt" in the subject line and I will email you my mailing address where you can send in your t-shirt.  The faster the t-shirts come in the faster the T-Shirt Throw can be made and the faster we will know who the winner will be!
As mentioned before- your t-shirt becomes your entry to this T-Shirt Throw Giveaway.
Please no rude images or languages on t-shirts.  Does not have to be a new t-shirt.
I hold the right to refuse certain t-shirts if it is unusable for any other reason not mentioned here.
What T-Shirt will You Send?

Throw Me a T-Shirt Tutorial

I've always wanted to make a T-Shirt blanket of sorts.

My second oldest daughter really likes Tinker Bell and over the years has had many t-shirts with this tinker fairy on them.  Over the years as the t-shirts became too small I would remove them from her and save them.  I  even gathered some from Ruth's Room, yard sales and thrift stores. With the Christmas Season coming upon us, I knew it would make a great gift for my daughter. Then it went even further, that I made one for each of my sons.  I had to take t-shirts from their dresser drawers to make their blankets big enough.
Step #1-  Gather up t-shirts - 
I used 27 t-shirts for the Tinker Bell throw and 26 t-shirts for oldest son and
33 t-shirts for youngest ( since most of his were size 2/3 t, more was needed )
Step #2 - Cutting Sides of T-Shirts -
This step could be used with a rotary cutter and mat or with scissors - I used scissors....
Fold the bottom of t-shirt to back of neck with the front of shirt showing 
*NOTE* I made a smaller throw using nothing but 12 turtle neck shirts, since there was no design on the front of the turtle neck I was able to cut them all the same size.  With a design on the front it is somewhat more difficult for the throw to  be uniform* 
I rarely like to measure so I eyed where to cut from bottom of fold to the top, cutting the side seams and sleeves off.

Step #3 - Cutting Ends - 
Once the sides are cut off on each side - Keeping both thicknesses - fold the t-shirt in half the other way. Cut the bottom hem and neck seams off.

This what your t-shirt will then look like.

Step #4 - Repeat Steps 2 and 3 
Step #5  - T-Shirt Block Placement
I did this on the floor as a table will not be big enough - Place each t-shirt block in columns, putting same size widths together, some personal preference of placement happens here. In one of my kids' I put all Lightening McQueen across the tops and all in one column and with the other two I mixed them up as much as I could.  If a t-shirt is much larger than any of the others, trim it to fit. 

In the above picture I have a gap between my columns and 
I used a part of another t-shirt from my stash to fill it in.

Step #6 - Sewing A Column
It is easier to sew it in columns than in rows because the t-shirts are mostly the same width now.  I took my column and stacked one t-shirt on top of the other in the order I wanted it to be and took it to my sewing machine.   
With WRONG sides together and double thickness of each t-shirt, sew a 1" inch seam and repeat.
Step #7  - Sewing Columns Together
Once you have completed sewing each column, lay them out on the floor for final placement, making sure that the top and bottom is some what even. Then with WRONG sides together, sew each column together.
Step #8 - Sew a 1" Seam All the Way Around the Outside Edges

Step #9 - Clip Seams
To complete your t-shirt throw, clip the seams to give it a "ragged" appearance. With some sharp - tip scissors, cut just to the threads - DO NOT CUT THE THREADS - on every seam and all around the outer edges as well.

My daughter Evie's T-shirt Throw

My Son Daniel's T-Shirt Throw

Daniel with his T-shirt Throw are now inseparable.

My son Garrett's T-Shirt Throw
Garrett and his T-Shirt Throw

All Three T-shirt Throws