Thursday, March 25, 2010

Budding Pin Cushions

Here is another little project that I have been working on  
- a pincushion and a matching wrist pin cushion.
"Sweet Cupcake"
"Blue Bachelor Button"
"Miss Daisy"

The Collection

These darling little necessities of sewing are made recycling the tops of laundry detergent bottles to make the pin cushion.  For the wrist pin cushion, caps from juice bottles were used.  I used some small scraps of vintage material for "Sweet Cupcake" and the others were from my scrap collection.  Adorned with lace, ribbon, covered buttons and rick-rack.  
General Directions ~
Cut out a circle about an inch larger than your lid. I used my pinking shears.
Stuff your lid really well with polyfil.
With a hot glue - Glue a tiny section at a time - using a compass method - glue a spot at "North" - then at "South", "East" and "West" to the outside of the lid.  Then go back around and glue the other "points" down. Make sure the fabric is taut over the polyfil.
For the wrist pincushion- measure about 7 1/2" in 1" elastic. 
Cut a length of fabric about 14" long and 2" wide - fold in half right sides together, lengthwise - stitch the long side - turn. Insert elastic through. Overlap the ends about 1/2" and stitch together with a zig-zag stitch.  Use hot glue to attach it to the bottom of the small juice lid.
Now both pin cushions are ready to adorn with with lace, ribbon, charms, rick-rack, buttons, beads, fringe, etc.  
Have Fun!
The pin cushions posted here are for sale ~ 
email me at to purchase.


Anonymous said...

your post is very creative!
Happy Sunday!

cindi said...

Cuteness reigns supreme in your craft room. Love 'em!

Carla said...

These are absolutely adorable! Great job!

The Redhead Riter said...

Very cute!