Friday, February 5, 2010

Choose to Shine

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to a Women's Advance Conference in Willits, California with four other ladies from our church - Cindi, Michelle, Melodee and Sandy.  It started on Friday with some great comedic singing from the Beaudettes.  I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  They had one about pantyhose that I don't think I will ever forget!
The speaker was Peggy Roloff and her husband, Ron, the parents of Matt Roloff of tv's "Little People, Big World".  She was great to listen to. I felt like we were good friends just swapping stories.  God is really using her and her husband in many ways and I am glad to have seen them.
I was able to set up a small display with information on our Ruth's Room Ministry.  It was good experience to share what we do to help our community.  Wouldn't it be neat to have another Ruth's Room started some where else?....
On that Friday night back in our hotel room, we had our own hair make over and Cindi was it.  Michelle brought out the ever faithful flat iron and started in on Cindi's wild hair.
And then the flattening of the hair began....

Michelle, The Miracle Worker.
It was good time.  
After the event there was this sign- 

Yes, God does keep His Promises.

Always and Forever....
See more on this event at Tally's Place. 
NOTE: While we were "south" we went to Walmart.  Why? Here in Humboldt County there isn't a Walmart and it is kind of a thing- to visit one when you are out of county.  We had heard that Walmart - at least the Ukiah store - did not have the plastic shopping bags for customers.  Instead, Walmart is offering a "resourceful, reusable shopping bag" for a very small fee. While waiting to check out, I was ready to use my little shopping tote I had clipped to my purse to put my purchases in.  In front of me I meet two really nice ladies - a mother and her daughter - and they complained about having to "buy" bags - even though they are "reusable", the bags are always seemed to be left behind - in the house, in the car. I want to let these ladies I haven't forgot about you!  I am in the process of developing a new shopping bag.  I hope to share it soon. 

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cindi said...

I am still in awe at the change in my hair. Ineed to practice some more because I can't get it t lay like that. Yes God keeps His promises. So glad He allowed us to share this time together. He still does miracles too....Just look at my hair.