Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Lurker On My Own Blog

This picture is part of the decorations for our church's Valentine Dinner - decorated by yours truly and her P.A. - Cindi.
A Lurker On My Own Blog
Whew! I have been just going and going..... that I haven't had the time to put out a post - And I miss it. 
Currently I am working on a fashion show with my partner-in-crime, Cindi, for Ruth's Room where I am the director of. This fashion show is being called "Get Your Glam On!"   It's emphasis being on wearing clothes in a new way by getting your clothes from thrift stores, vintage shops, or consignment shops and wearing them with a modern twist.  This can be accomplished by many ways - altering, dyeing it another color, layering, wear it as another type of clothing - like a button up or zip up dress could become a lightweight jacket and these are just a few suggestions.  (Ruth's Room is a ministry that gives away clothes to anyone who needs them.)  At Ruth's Room's blog you can see some of the preperation we have been going through to get this show going.
This idea for a fashion show came up over a year ago and then it was like, "Let's just do this!"
I knew it was going to be hard work, but boy has it ever.  It has some real fun moments and I get really excited and then the butterflies kick in.  We have just a little over a week to go, with more fittings and rehearsals to do, then get the stage all set for the show.   We have six teenaged girls who are the models - Mollie, Makala, Callie, Evelyn, Genesis and Lexi - and each one has about six outfit changes.  It is a lot of work for them as well and they all have been such good sports!
So for now until March 6th has come and gone, when I get the chance I will stop by and read what is going on with you. 
Uh oh, I feel the butterflies coming....


cindi said...

I love being your partner in crime...I mean PA. Love the

Joyful said...


Sounds like a lot of fun - what a great idea!

Appreciate how you mention your Christianity first thing on your blog.

I too try to combine my love for Christ with the talents He has given me by designing cross stitch patterns featuring Bible verses.

You may want to visit my website and get the free chart, "His Name is Jesus" as it has blessed many.

Keep being a "Light"!