Saturday, September 12, 2009


I finished up my baby shower card last night and my give away card! The give away card would be great for birthdays (girl or lady), thank you, sweetheart/love, wedding, bridal shower, just because or a baby shower!

I also needed a birthday card for my mother-in-law. So while Garry, my hubby, watched some old classic comedies on his lap top, I made up a 2 birthday cards. One to give and one for stockpile.


cindi said...

you are one creative lady! i'm proud of you for tooting your own horn and i will toot it too!

Starla said...


Debby said...

You my dear are amazing! Truly amazing.

Priscilla said...

very pretty :) I am a follower of yours too..I hope you do not mind :)