Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday - Ruth's Room

About 2 1/2 years ago I had started a ministry in our church. It is a place for people to get clothing, shoes and everthing else they may need, even a little bit of house wares. All the items are offered at no cost to those who come and there isn't any income qualifications.

Ruth's Room is set up somewhat like a store taking up two rooms in our downstairs area connected by a hallway. Most of our donations comes from an Eureka business, Lots 4 Tots Plus The Clothing Closet, which is a win-win situation for both us . I have a wonderful group of volunteers, LOVE YA ALL, sort out the clothing and other items. We hang them up and then they are placed on clothing racks that are departmentalized. Our "customers" come in and get a bag and go shopping. They look for what can fit them or those in their family and then they take it off the hanger, leaving the hanger on the rack and putting the item in their bag.

That is where I go every Tuesday - except this morning I have a meeting to attend at one of my children's school. Afterwards I will go down there and help them finish off the day. Also every Tuesday around 9:50 a.m. (Pacific time) we gather and pray before we open. If you are of the praying type, please remember us at that time.

~~~~~~~SNEAK PEAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is a book purse project that is currently a work-in-progress. I can't tell you much more than that - become a follower so that you won't miss my post for further updates on this project.



cindi said...

we ove you to Starla!... oooo can't wait to see that book purse. and....if you all wanna see what one of Starls's book purses looks like you can head over to my blog and see the one she made me for my birthday.

cindi said...

duh! i forgot to leave the link where you can see me show off my gorgeous book purse, designed and made by the one and only Miss Starla. here it is


Starla said...

Are you trying to double post? Just kidding!

Holly said...

Hey Starla. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting! I hope you enjoyed the squigglefly blog hop. I have looked around your blog and you have made some of the cutest things! I love how you combine fabric with paper crafting!