Friday, October 2, 2009

It's All About The Glitter

This is a preview of the small selection of woodland fairy wands, Cindi and I will have to sell at the Apple Harvest Festival in Fortuna.
These fairy wands are made from blooms of far-away forests and meadows of Make Believe. The ribbons are from the Land of Offray and the Land of Wrights. From the island of Tulle we gathered tufts and the glitter was ever so carefully collected from the rare blooms of the Mettallicallious flowers on the coast of Glitterex. Upon the arrival home each bloom was designed and arranged into the most incredible imaginary Woodland Fairy Wand to be. Guaranteed to bring smiles to the young and old alike and let you fly away to your own Land Of Make Believe.
(Fine Print: Wands May Be Used For Princesses and Queens, too.)


1 comment:

shareslife said...

Those are so adorable!! I love the way you describle them!!! Good thing i don't live near you guys cause i would buy them all!!!! No one else would get any!
You guys are going to be a huge hit at the craft faire!