Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rules to Enter

Just when I am ready to settle in for the evening and perhaps do a little sewing I think to myself, "Self, maybe I should check my email and see what is going on in the Internet world."
So I did. First stop was email. Not much happening there. Next, Tally's Place and looky here what my friend, Cindi has done. She is doing some major blog hopping. Oh my.
I don't want to be left out so I start blog hopping. Oh my, again, I am ALL over the place.
I went to Helping Mommy's Win to check out this Joey Junior Purse Organizer that you can win in a give away. To WIN you leave a comment or put the blog button on your blog - yep it's the blue and white one on the right side - or follow on Twitter and so on and so on. By doing these different things gives you an entry to WIN this item or that.
I don't really remember how many different places I went to, but I always seem to go back to Tally's Place to see where to go to next!
One of my last meanderings was to Audrey's Give Aways Blog to WIN me some hand crocheted dishcloths. I really like using crochet dishcloths when I wash dishes. They hold up well and have good scrubbing power. These are available to WIN or to buy from Peanut Creations. As you can tell I am hoping to WIN. I like the blue set. Hint. Hint.
Even Cindi has a give away going on at Tally's Place - Hurry now and check it out - tell her Starla sent you and that gives you a double entry!
One of my first posts was a give away of a cute circle card and since I been going to all these different blogs, I'm wondering if I should have my own little give away again??????
What should it be??? A cute little tutu? I know - a fairy wand!!! Or it could be another card... it could even be one of my purses..... Leave me a comment about what you would like to enter a drawing for and who knows what might happen!!!


cindi said...

We won the game! BunBun and I had plans for after the game *wink* but his back had other plans. So here I am on the computer signing up for MORE giveaways. UGH! I want a tutu by the way.

Momstart said...

Good luck sewing without the distractions

Sheila Rae said...


I am following you from MBC.

My name is Sheila and I own and

Come follow me :)


Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

Ammi said...

I did my blog. Yes I know it needs help and I am not done but I did start it. I want a fairy wand. The purple wedding one. Not that I am getting married. HaHa that would be the day. Oh my blog is Mockingbird Place.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Oh geez! I know . . . still trying to get something done on this beautiful Saturday here. My halloween decorations have got to get up TODAY!

Welcome MBC!