Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is an annual American holiday honoring military veterans. A federal holiday, it is usually observed on November 11.  It is also celebrated as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other parts of the world, falling on November 11, the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. (Major hostilities of World War I were formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 with the
German signing of the Armistice.)
My veteran left for work today with his dad who also is a veteran and his dad was one as well, but who has long departed from us.  My veteran was in the United States Army,  2nd Armor Division, Hell on Wheels, 17th Engineer Battalion and was with the 1st Calvery division in Operation Desert Storm, that makes him a VFW - Veteran of Foreign War.  He did his basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. (My heart goes out to those who have been affected by the  the recent events there. ) 
Looking back at the pictures of my husband before he went into the Army to those after and I have to say the Army turned my husband into a man.  My husband was brought up to have respect, to work hard and support his family, however the Army had fine tuned those qualities and built up his physic as well.
We were newly married of a couple of years when he went to Saudi Arabi for 8 months and that was the HARDEST time for us both.  I can not imagine how it would be for those who are enlisted now who have done more than one tour in  Iraq.  Regardless of what you believe politically, these men and women need to know they are being supported by YOU.  They are there for YOU and we should not take advantage of that.  Even when these veterans have been discharged from the military and are trying to return to everyday life, we need to be supportive to what they may have experienced. 
I thank you, Veterans of the United States Armed Forces-
My husband, Garry Jr.
Garry Sr.
Twyman T.
Grady T.
Pastor Rod S.
Gail B.
Kevin B.
Star S.
Jim S.
Charlie C.
Jennifer C.
Kerry A.
Jerry Sr.
Jerry Jr. C.
Harvey S.
Louie C.
Ray Dean S.
Mike L.
Ed B.
Tim C.
Robert C.
Patrick S.
Vernon C.
Mike C.
Preston R.
Loyal B.
Jason B.
James B.
Daniel C.
Ken P.
Ken C.
Hal H.
George L.
Brad H.
Vaughn H.
Kerry G.
Mike P.
Dr. Charles R.
Daniel W.
Larry S.
Harry S.
Johnny S.
Paul S.
Franklin S.
Richard B.
Rick K.
Thomas T.
Jeff K.
Tony H.
Hector F.
Rob F.
Dennis F.

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